A highly skilled workforce produces a wide range of tested and proven quality products to suit the demands and harsh conditions of Africa. At BPI, implements are designed, developed and built, and we support all the products we develop with spare parts manufactured at the factory.

Visit www.bpim.co.za to view their full range

Some of the BPI range includes:

• Offsets                                 -              light, medium and heavy duty hydraulic offsets

• BPI                                        -              Integral Cultivators

• Rippers

• Ridgers                                 -             disc, mini and ridger conversions

• Ploughs                                -             reset, beam and BPI Disc Ploughs

• Trailers                                 -             medium and heavy duty

• Slashers

• Vegetable Planters

• Various sizes of Boom Sprayers

• Graders

• Fertilizer Spreaders

• Hay Rakes

• Hammer Mills

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